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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster delivers highly reliable results. This is achieved with the high precision delivered by the pump, the low carry-over and high precision of the autosampler, the stability of the column oven and the sensitivity of the detectors.
Chromaster key parameters:

- 600 bar (60 MPa) maximum operating pressure as standard
- Very low carry-over autosamplers. Loop injection and direct injection available with peltier thermostatted sample racks
- Highly sensitive fluorescence detector (optimised 30 nm slit)
- Very low drift diode array detector (1,0 × 10-4 AU hr-1)
- Excellent gradient reproducibility
- Automatic wavelength using mercury lamp for UV, DAD and Fluorescence Detectors
- Unique touch screen user interface

All preconfigured systems (with or without detector) are delivered with all necessary cables and an interface board.